Scout 275 3D


275N high-end inflatabe lifejacket approved to DIN EN ISO 12402-2. Special high pocket for AIS SART. 3D swim bladder. Integral emergency light. Faster safer turning onto the back. Lesser neck weight loading via preformed shoulder area.



It’s every sailor’s nightmare; somewhere offshore a crew member slips over the side. The remaining crew have to immediately perform the man-overboard routine constantly trying to keep the casualty in view but now SECUMAR can offer the integration of latest in technical support.

  • Better protection with loss of consciousness
  • Ideal for wearers of heavy protective clothing
  • Neutralizes imbalance caused by trapped air in clothing or footwear
  • Higher positioning of emergency light
  • Higher positioning of the integral MOB locator beacon antenna

The new SECUMAR SCOUT is much more than a new lifejacket. It is the central element in a complete life saving system that offers the possibility of greatly enhanced recovery of a man overboard.

For this, the new SCOUT incorporates an integral AIS SART that couples to an on-board AIS receiver, alarm and direction finding antenna. In an overboard emergency, the alarm is sounded immediately and the ship can be steered quickly and accurately back to the casualty, gaining valuable time that can save lives.

The lifejacket lies snug to the body and is comfortable to wear. The SCOUT 3D swim bladder has a third dimension in the form of two large triangular air cushions to provide a much stronger turning moment to roll you onto your back and to overcome the air pockets and heavy weight of foul weather clothing or dry suits.
An added benefit of these air cushions on the SCOUT 3D is that they can carry an emergency radio beacon much higher out of the water, thereby greatly enhancing the signal reliability.

  • International Standard DIN EN ISO 12402-2 (CE-marking), European Standard EN 1095
  • DIN EN ISO 12401 (integral harness)

Buoyancy Class (CE)275 N

Type of buoyancy/ Method of InflatorInflatable / Automatic inflator 4001S

Buoyancy/ CO2-cartridge size290 N / 60 g CO2 Dock

Body weightfrom 50 kg

Buoyancy chamber system3D bright orange swim bladder, 3M® retro-reflective strips

Standard equipment: Easy Rescue AIS SART Integrated Pocket, Removable washable neck fleece, click front buckle, lifting becket, whistle, loops for crutch strap, inspection window, sprayhood, 4001S firing system, SECULUX CFXII emergency light and front pocket. Lifejacket storage bag with zip fastener

Colour Grey

Harness Yes

Closure Click front buckle

Emergency light Yes, SECULUX CFXII emergency light included.

Particularly suitable for / Operational areaYachting and cruising, Offshore sailing


Should a crew member fall overboard, a symbol and actual position of the casualty will appear on the chart plotter of any ship in the vicinity.

SECUMAR undertook extensive testing with different systems to determine the best integration into SECUMAR lifejacket. Their experts paid not only attention to the technical reliability. Imperative was the interaction of the transmitter and the life vest, that the transmitter itself is not damaging the buoyancy chamber or hinders the adequate inflation. Reliability in activation and the optimized strength of the emergency signal were also major considerations.

As a consequence of all this testing, the SECUMAR SCOUT 275 3D is now fitted with a special pocket that will accept the Weatherdock easyRESCUE A040-BW-COM. The lifejacket can be ordered with the AIS transponder or simply with the pocket for later fitting of the device.

So this is how it works: when the wearer falls in the water, the lifejacket immediately inflates and at the same time pulls away the magnetic contact on the AIS transponder and thanks to the unique 3D design, the double layer antenna and transmitter are held clear of the water and in a vertical position for the best possible transmission strength. The GPS position of the casualty can now be broadcast to all nearby ships where it will appear on their electronic chart plotters and the rescue can then be co-ordinated. Once back on board, the transponder can be easily and simply turned off.

The top model from SECUMAR now comes with an added improvement – a top quality crutch strap as standard – with the unique tough SECUMAR click buckle to close it and attached to the lifejacket with two stainless steel shackles.

SECUMAR has also worked hard to make the SCOUT 275 3D extremely comfortable to wear. Despite being fully equipped, the lifejacket lies flat against the body to offer plenty of freedom of movement and tests have shown that it is also perfectly feasible to climb into a liferaft once the lifejacket is inflated.

The SCOUT 275 3D offers the following standard equipment: SECUMATIC 4001S, a manual over-ride, sprayhood, CFX II emergency light, removable and washable neck fleece, 3M reflective strips, lifting strop, whistle and high quality crutch strap. The SECUMAR inspection window offers a quick and simple method of checking the status of the automatic firing mechanism which can also be reached via a separate external zipped compartment. The lifejacket itself is opened and closed using the patented SECUMAR click buckle – very much in the style of a car seatbelt. It all comes delivered in a practical mesh bag for easy transport and protection.