Survival Junior


150N children inflatable lifejacket (20 – 50 kg) approved to DIN EN ISO 12402-3. DUO PROTECT bladder system: double layer swim bladder for double safety. Front D-ring. Smaller in its cut but not as far as safety goes – proven Duo Protect technology is used in the buoyancy chamber of this lifejacket designed for older children.



The new DUO Protect SURVIVAL range combines the very best in safety equipment with a brillant and abvious addition. The DUO Protect system has long been a must for kids who like to lie face down in their SURVIVAL on the jetty when using their dip nets. Or, in the heat of the moment when things can become hectic on board, or the conditions become violent, it can happen that a member of the crew snags their jacket or is thrown against a sharp edge. Even if both layers of film become damaged, the buoyancy chamber in the SURVIVAL seals itself to a large extent automatically when it is inflated.


Buoyancy Class (CE) 150 N

Type of buoyancy/ Method of Inflator Inflatable / Automatic Inflator 3001S

Buoyancy/ CO2-cartridge size 110 N / 20 g

Body weight 20 – 50 kg

Buoyancy chamber system SECUMAR Duo Protect, dual-walled system, retro-reflective strips, dedicated light attachment point, in protective cover with mesh back

Standard equipment Neck fleece (detachable and washable), click buckle, lifting becket, whistle, loops for crotch strap, crotch strap, viewin window, lifejacket storage bag

Colour Blue

Harness Yes

Closure Clic

Emergency light

Particularly suitable for / Operational area Yachting and cruising, Offshore sailing, Motor boat